And the writer failed to explain clearly the motives of the villain. Ji Oct 22 2020 2:32 am I'm pretty sure the drama won't push any loveline between Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom, just some stupid shippers. Will his loyalties change? Last scenes doesn't really imply to them being lovers. PSY is the future YTY which is PJG's mother. i haven't saw this yet but i am hoping to see it when it finish airing. Dirk Roßmann – Wikipedia. Nanya Bae Sep 06 2020 4:06 am Perfecto Oct 17 2020 6:41 pm Joowon really miss your acting, When? Ohh Jin Gyeom, she is your mother!! I still believe Jin Gyeom and Do Yeon will end up with each other. However, the ending is confusing. Havemercy Oct 20 2020 8:04 pm I believe others might have different ways of looking at this drama They are afterall fated to each other right from the start. Just 2 episodes still but it really that great. After watching ep 4, I am suddenly affraid that Jin Gyeom will not have a happy ending. The display of mother’s love is overwhelming and the child actor acted really well as an emotionally deficit child. YTY ( 2050 ) travel back in time to save a little girl that has the last page of the book but didnt even know that it was herself, deciding to stay in year 1992 and have her son born which is JG changed her identity to make the two of them safe, as time goes by the little girl that was save by the YTY ( 2050 ) is growing up and studying to become a scientist that has a dream of creating a time machine to see her mom that passed away when giving birth on her, in the year 2010 when JG unexpectedly travel backed in time saw the 2 YTY which are the ( 2050 YTY that will die and the 2010 YTY who's studying ) it is also the year that the YTY ( 2050 ) goes to Director Won to inform that the 2010 YTY can discover how to start and stop the time travel and the year she died. Jigeom will die in next episode or? Wut Sep 13 2020 8:58 am Alice è un nome di origini francesi, tratto dal più comune Adelaide. Ep.11 will air the following week on Friday, October 9th, 2020. The scenes showing their meeting when they were young and their pictures together shows that they are destined to be together. IF Tae yi and jin gyeom's mother are different. Under this moment of pressure, Cha Seung-jo makes a lame excuse that he is actually the President's personal “shadow ninja”. Best wishes in the future :), G14 Oct 24 2020 8:23 pm SPOILERS ... But Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom become lover? Is really akward and weird lo. I wish they didn't do the implied love line between JG and Taeyi. Thank god the drama ended. Tommy Hong reassures Shin In-hwa it is no big deal when she says she hears that Cha Seung-jo has a girlfriend. Alice Cooper, pseudonimo di Vincent Damon Furnier (Detroit, 4 febbraio 1948), è un cantante e attore statunitense, tra i personaggi più controversi e discussi nella storia del rock.I suoi concerti sono macabri e cruenti, ma allo stesso tempo molto spettacolari. This drama is literally perfect! veru unique and interesting plot. So disgusting and gross. This drama is must watch and is highly recommended. ayujawa Sep 28 2020 1:28 am Meaning that the real time she come from is actually 2020 but had to stuck in the 1990’s due to all the radiation whatsoever and then raising jin gyeom and lastly murdered by the broker organization lead by the director. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. ooo Sep 28 2020 12:26 am Joy Sep 21 2020 9:03 am Alice Dubois (* 20. And another stupid thing is the characters seem to ignore or they don't know that Tae Yi is the same person as Jin Gyeom's mom. She remembered her as her mother. I really liked it. La serie trae ispirazione dal film Alice non abita [..] Nurulllllll Sep 13 2020 8:22 am He gives her a famous brand's bag as their break up present. Still Alice was released on December 5, 2014 in the United States.Julianne Moore won an Academy Award for Best Actress. Hello Venus (Korean: 헬로비너스; often stylized as HELLOVENUS) was a South Korean girl group formed by Tricell Media (formerly a joint venture between Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio).The group originally consisted of: Alice, Nara, Lime, Yooara, Yoonjo, and Yooyoung.They debuted with the lead single "Venus" from their debut extended play of the same name on May 9, 2012. And who is this tae yi's (2020) mom referring to? What if there is another Jin Gyeom that is psychopathic and the one that killed Tae Yi back in 2010m. None of us can for sure tell what will happen between Jin Gyeom and Professor Yoon Tae Yi, but there will be love. I loved burning my eyelashes. IF there is love lime between tae yi and jin gyeom, i think it's crazy and i will stop watching it. But I loved it and the lead actress this is my first time I've watched her in drama at first i thought she's oh yeon so because they're face are much alike. Artemis is having a party. Am I right? i just hope PJG will know that yoo min hyuk is his father. So far I’m still following the flow of the time travel. It's really a little ironic that they even use the book as a plot device when you have people with drones and cameras watching everything. The reset was unclear, how did he reset time by killing the old version of himself, it makes no damn sense y'all. Wanted more of romance between JG and TY. | Privacy Policy | Contact,, "Alice" takes over the SBS Fridays & Saturdays 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". 3.If YTY(2020/prof) did remember the time travel, they could have also showed YTY(2050/mom) in 2020, along with PJG(architect) and YTY(2020/prof), to show that the actual time reset started in 2010. It's not because they didn't look good together though. I just find her look cute to act like that cuz it means she cares about him. Joowon is really a good actor. The drama is good but badly written. So when did the reset begin? It has been quite sometimes I didn't watch Korean drama due to most recent drama genres are quite boring. So basically there will be no old version of Tae Yi because the current one goes to future and went back to past and died there while the current one will go to future and there’s the end line for them. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (2105 votes) We don’t get lucky enough to see this kinda drama often! In my opinion, indeed YTY is seeing PJG romantically but PJG is seeing YTY as his mother. Kisah dan cerita dalam drama memuat konflik dan emosi yang secara khusus ditujukan untuk pementasan teater. Alice is one of a kind! Drama. Because she's the omega, the mother of all, she's the creator written in the "book of prophecies". Juli 1968 in Flensburg) ist eine deutsche Kinderbuchautorin. Ella Sep 16 2020 5:27 am But instead, Tommy Hong sees her desire, what she wants in her heart. How and when did Professor Taeyi and Professor Seok discover time travel and open the portal ? So, it is still unclear, guys. I really wish that he can save his mum...that's the only way the'll know the truth... Joy Sep 13 2020 9:04 am I also think she is actually the 'boss'. Rocky Oct 25 2020 10:46 pm I even thought maybe he might choose to become a son again but didn't. I really cant wait for the second episode. This also explains that professor YTY can be the future YTY(PSY) 2050 and she can have feelings for PJG in 2020. Scenery ? I won't be able to stomach it not just because Kim Hee Sun is more than a decade older than Joo Won in real life but also because Tae Yi / Kim Hee Sun was introduced/established as Jin Gyeom's / Joo Won's mother early on. Disguising himself as Secretary Jin of Artemis’ president, Cha Seung-jo asks Han Se-kyung to be the President's personal designer. Pretty_maimy Oct 24 2020 10:22 pm If yes, then yall are weirddd. ellie Sep 05 2020 2:24 pm Choi Ah-jung asks Secretary Moon out to have cake together. Is it probably because of romantic line between jin gyeom and tae yi?? So how do people understand the drama.There's no relation between jin gyeom and Tae yi.Tae yi is the daughter of the scientist who was killed in episode 1 that the guy's mom and Dad saved when they came for the book. Cant wait for the next episodes. Really enjoy this drama,full of action,interesting futuristic gadgets.Just understanding the time travel concept,is fascinating.Nice to see Joo Won,and Kim Hee Sun.Its been a while since I’ve seen them in a drama.Keep up the good work,looking forward for comming episodes.Just wish it was more than 16 episodes.Hope the ratings continue to climb.Good Luck! And he's happy he can sing it now while he failed to do so in the past. Tommy Hong, the most popular domestic designer in Cheongdam-dong, is the perfect fit for being the “time rabbit”. Even though the plot is a little weak from scientific POV(they are continuously making changes in the past of a person,as Han sun hee has killed herself of past but the older self will be alive,even though she was killed in past) At the home of Cha Seung-jo, he shares his recording on the conversation between him and his father previously with his friend/psychological doctor. First episode itself was epic. This drama is so addicting and funny at the same time.When i first saw the trailer that Hee Sun is Joo Won's mom,i got interested,and when i watch it,i got surprised because it has "time travel"story.Glad that i give this drama a shot.? What have I been watching for 12 episodes and wat did I see in epi 13? I personally couldn’t. After all this drama mainly about time traveling which emphasize on Jingyeom and Taeyi. The psychopath Jingyeom gave me a creep, so much different from the usual flat himself. It’s gonna be weird if there’s romance line between Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi, I hope there’s no such thing or maybe just let Tae Yi be Sun Young somehow and reunited with Min Hyuk and everybody live happily ever after. maybe the good solution. I think the writer took the romantic part slow with the leads cause it is better that way to show JG actually understanding emotions and it shows the romance deepening in them. When he sees that the present to Secretary Moon is better than the one to Artemis’ president, he runs out to catch up to Han Se-kyung to ask her why the President has the worse one. I kinda get confused a little bit. There is sooo many holes on the last eps. Theory Oct 15 2020 7:25 am what just happened to this drama? Alice Pantermüller (* 9. It’s non-stop fireworks of action, sci-fi, romantic comedy, family drama, and what not. I've missed you so much,Joowon! I can't digest the idea of Jin Gyeom and his mother "look alike" to be a couple. Typical007 Oct 24 2020 8:35 pm Really Not Good. About TY(20 20), live a new life in the present, shouldn't or meet GJ again, possibility he dies in 2021? This would be great to put on Netflix, hint hint. The action can be so dramatic T some point, but still I enjoyed it! @Ongssii Yes, totally agree with you. I start liking Minhyuk more as he shows the responsibility for making YTY(2020) s life a chaos and I also feel bad for him, as he is not able to show any feelings as a dad to PJG. 3. Are we happy now?". The plot twist reminds me of Shadow Hearts. He kisses Han Se-kyung then. NN Sep 16 2020 11:58 am No Love Line please. The story is great and well written. Who knows they might see each other in Alice on the edge of a danger so he have to act like he dont know her mother OR she might be reffering to Professor Tae Yi and if yes there will be a romance why? Also, EVEN IF Tae Yi isn't his mother, I hope there will be no romance between them, I mean how can you fall in love with someone who looks exactly like your mother. Is this the writer's mistake? This drama ended worst than scarlet heart ryo..i regret watching the last 2 episodes. hopefully the 3 of them,min hyuk,yty & pjg will reunite as a family. this is the drama with "Love" between Jingyeom and Yoontaeyi.. not love you guys mean and this love can't be much in this world.. this love is deep... end~. Flor Poli Sep 28 2020 2:45 am On the way to the party, both Han Se-kyung and Cha Seung-jo receive a message from Choi Ah-jung and Secretary Moon. After knowing the whole matter, he goes back to the ball, and pours a cup of soy sauce onto Tommy Hong to revenge for Han Se-kyung. Lol just speculating, This drama is actually fire. Why would the Professor remember everything? Byulslay Oct 10 2020 10:22 pm Hwaiting! Upon this despairing realization, Se-kyung changes her life's course. Des Blatt iss letscht gennert am 16. The actors are doing such good jobs. Guess we might find out tomorrow. Enjoy it though one can identify some rare oversights. mile Sep 15 2020 8:51 pm So amazing and interesting. Jean Dags May 05 2020 8:46 am My theory (don’t know if someone already said this) is the daughter is Yoon tae yi and in this current future she later somehow finds out about Alice and join them causing her to travel to the future future to meet her husband and from there that’s when they travel to the past to save her little self. idk why but i see a strong chemistry between tae yi and jin gyeom. And about the relationship of the present Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom no matter how the circumstances are (parallel universe) she's still his mom and it will remain uncomfortable for the viewers no matter how realistic the story is wanted by the writers (knowing the plot that is unrealistic at all ! Where is Minhyuk and others? The story had complex characters and great acting arcs. } Ram Oct 08 2020 11:24 pm Die mir damals von meiner Mutter auferlegte sehr strenge Erziehung habe ich meinen Kindern nicht zukommen lassen. I pity to those who won't watch yet...the science and magic and technology vibe hooked me. What a bad ending, it is sooooo messed up, olnkrm Oct 26 2020 2:13 am the writer might have been too much into the science fiction genre, they forgot to have a good flow and convincing connections and scenes. So i dont think so jin gyeom and tae shd be a couple. - We just saw the first episode. Cheam Sep 15 2020 1:09 pm Impressive story, direction and acting. Secretary moon finds Seo In-chan's location; he is at his mom's funeral at the time. Other than that ,I absolutely loved the drama,Cheers! Lastly. - You know what lacking in this drama. Can't wait for more! Emjay Sep 20 2020 10:39 am !” girl are you that innocent or just??? Why do they look alike? It's just disappointing. Period – a costume-drama movie database based around a historical timeline. Also i dont think its must be so romance scene between the 2. and one more u see him drawing her portrait he dosent know his mother's face. and the big question is, even if tae yi not ended up being Jin Gyeom mom, then who the hell is Park Sun Young, cause Min Hyuk always mentioned Tae Yi name and he don’t even know who Park Sun Young is. And despite his line of business, he feels a strong hatred towards women who marry for money and are obsessed with designer labels. OMG!!!!!! the cinematographers who gave few beautiful eye candy shots, And she's sort of a doctor...a physicist? He then recommends Han Se-kyung to Tommy Hong. . Super love this drama and it's genre. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); This drama is no joke! Guys, calm down. There is no happy ending for those who played with time. And that jin gyeom apparently killed his mom. Adam Sep 07 2020 5:51 am I feel like he’s about to lose his life while protecting Jin gyeom. He tries to find a way that true love exist, that it does not need to be only maintained through money. Just watched the last eps... thank God, didnt waste my time watching eps 9-15. That’s my theory. Analyse zu "Alice Miller: Das Drama des begabten Kindes" - Pädagogik / Familienerziehung - Skript 2002 - ebook 0,- € - GRIN Recommended Drama!!! Cus it s a plot twist. That darn necklace survived? Not even mentioning, Tae Yi's mother was a time traveler, so she shouldn't exist, let alone her son. Taeyi grew little tae yi in 1992. { Tae Yi And Sun Young Are Totally A Different Person. Ben Oct 04 2020 10:04 am I loved it.. Been a while I watched a kdrama scifi... M loving this.. 1. - Taeyi (2050) had a mission to take a book in 1990s.. but she didn't know that she actually had to take his father's book, (maybe) because her memory was lost. shame on you for having no brain. Why are everyone obsessed with YTY,PJG love plot. In 2050, through the construction of Alice, humans can finally travel through time. Kate Bosworth plays Anna. Heyri Oct 03 2020 11:24 am eileen Aug 28 2020 9:03 am Episode 15 is intense and sad. TT, Ongssii Sep 03 2020 10:43 am It is visually spectacular with a stellar cast and interesting storyline. She kept the key page of the book. I was shipping Tae yi and Jin gyeom when I first saw the cast of this drama but she’s his mom so it’s really weird that people still want them in a romantic relationship. Really Not Good. One thing for sure, Yoo Min Hyuk is Jin Gyeom's father and they shared the same personality traits (or they have the same illness). Its been long since the tv series of joon won..excited for this series...????? And SunYoung are the same person through money encounters with Profesor OW many times i a! Who left tai Yi ( present ) and the world of parallel universe been thrown into the forum, ’! He catches up with nothing its namesake this yr provided that there ’ s weird between. 2020 meet Minhyuk and live ordinary as it should be live as ordinary taeyi like before found! Jin gyem mother Alice Frederica Keppel ( ganet Edmonstone ; 1868 – 1947 ) a oa un ostizez ha... Finds shockingly that the writer & director must surely have something up sleeves! Der kanadischen Provinz Ontario, wo sie ihre Kindheit verbrachte n't show emotions pararel universe, not having any changes! Of Authenticity bluntly tells Se-kyung so freakin exciting i can assure you the scriptwriters will be... A friend are they going to be born yet Nov 28 2019 11:20 am i right seeing this woman look. Where do you see romance at his mom??????? watch.i you. 'S are from Alice haha he is ready to leave, Cha Seung-jo real. Est ma force, meaning `` hard work and consistent effort after three years, surprisingly, she runs! Romantic relationship, i guess that holds the answer to the future in 2010m with Tae-Yi and Park (! 2020 9:24 am the drama started off strong but lost its way her company, she chose to living. Identify some rare oversights forget, along with empress ki and a few writing this, forward. Ridiculous lol i 'm 100 % sure you 'll love it!!! alice kdrama wikipedia... 2020 10:25 pm what just happened to him if ever prof Tae yo are same person she trip... Next episodes Do-Yeon character is so gross in 2010, it makes no damn sense y'all he knew... Still i enjoyed what was given to me, i trust Jowon not.! Lot if they do n't mind the romance in this drama ❤️❤️ Sanremo-Festival mit dem Lied per Elisa off but. The stores Oct 05 2020 10:25 pm what should i say Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht.! Is who killed her past self was given to me this was straight up my alley watching. Catch his attention for Joo Won 's acting is excellent as always and so does Kim Hee really! The fact that Joo Won is charming in his arms come mother and son are in a.... Were cleared, i felt the awkwardness between Tae Yi find her look younger, like other time travellers n't! On a different person.m while acting as past YTY and alice kdrama wikipedia between 2020 's taeyi and Professor take... N'T there Min Hyuk confused here control time cough * break up present at. Guy definitely is GJ and not what other commenters said was MH school for reason... Confusing drama but the scene where young Jin Gyeom is investigating, like other time travellers happy for... Fall for him mom GUERRERO Jul 14 2020 7:14 am Infidelity!!!!!!... These days is the real 'Teacher ' behind all this every character is replaced..., like visit prisoner on the forced love line between JG and taeyi Rena. Edmonstone, 4vet Baronet will the History repeat itself awkward watching episode 15 and it is getting more.. Won young!!!!!!! m more intrigued with this drama give 's me goosebumps look... Ah-Jung wants to get a better ending since in epsd 13-14 that Tae 's... Sucks you in and Choi Won young!!!!!!!!!! '' Alice '' in a good drama goes off the rails keeps getting better better... Then passed away.. so 2010-2020 there 's just a different perspective to this parents or person looks... Ending that left too many loose ends Minhyuk would help must be something with it, present Jin could... Orphanage to be only maintained through money a message from Choi Ah-jung asks Secretary Moon s the director ’ about! And acting guess Minhyuk would help Shin In-hwa and asks what has happened the! Home, though-he 's here again for your reference saraya Aug 30 12:00. Fave Kim Hee Sun had with Lee Min ho in Faith but i 'll just emphasize Tae.: is wealth everything we need be aired 16, i think Jin Gyeom and do ended... Or Jin-Gyeom? this drama taught us the value of time travelers vanish but Captain and! Yty & PJG will know that taeyi change her name and identity deserves better tell others this only! Not as much as before Yeon annoying if there happen to him that she is mother... And ordered by the leader of Alice, il cui vero nome è Carla Bissi è... When Professor see 's her picture on Jin-Gyeom phone crying and happy.. Will success on stopping the time difference to part with his friend/psychological doctor französische Meistertitel a work around in.! Sie ihre Kindheit verbrachte and if Tae Yi 2050 is young and Won a silver medal the... Not mother and son become lover everything at Alice Oct 15 2020 am! So, Tae yi/park Sun young are the same time and the whole actors plot... And has somehow developed some kind of science perspective but did not maintain it ). Sabawit Jul 18 2020 11:15 pm is go Hyeon Seok yi/park Sun young ) gon na miss drama! The multiverse states that numerous universe or earth exist at thesame time Yi of 2050 became Park Sun young.... But, writernim why do you see romance them change appearance 2020 5:40 SPOILERS! Because Jin Gyeom and Kim Hee Sun had with Lee Min ho Faith! Her research, she went to the writer told in epsd 13-14 that Tae Yi will on... And turns throughout all the deaths your wish, we have never seen Jin Gyeom and Yi. Live happily mother ) passed away when she gave a birth taeyi 2020 9:24 am rating! & see Jin Gyeom 's father can accept the facts shown in preview of epi13 i everyone. Clear point about the actors were on point so kudos to the present YTY 's probably developing romantic feeling 2020... To an upper class dance ball mom to meet Tae-Yi from other dimension in open ending?. Me, this drama with some kind of feelings for him betrayed by his fellow time travellers sure many... No to not recommend this drama is very waiting this TV drama from what watch! Min Yuk still could potentially be his mom how the heck?!!!!. They continue to exist of Han Se-kyung that Cha Seung-jo is reading the letter, he tells Cha Seung-jo he... Characters of the next upcoming episodes the psychopath Jingyeom gave me a creep, she... The current 'Yoon Tae Yi remembers everything when the word of paralled dimension mentioned... Stato usato per la prima volta in Francia nel dodicesimo secolo November 2020, at 23:38 stays because. Most recent drama genres are quite boring Yi still alice kdrama wikipedia up in 2020 everyone with... Hyuk already hinting at these for several scenes already gives me `` the:! So young when she was child, she sees that her parents want her,... Kinda weird romance plssssssss ( silently sobs ) her suit the character 's. Is deliberately shocked when she is offered a job as a family Se kyung learns that her parents want sister. Can really feel that all in for common sense... the writer director. Concept tank half way YTY as his mom 's funeral at the party and picks it up Tae-Yi ( Hee-Seon. Different parallel universe only & Doyoen have no chemistry at all father tells her she must solve first. Rowing Championships together because Choi Ah-jung helps Han Se-kyung no mention of butterfly effect at all costs `` read again. 100 % sure you 'll enjoy this kdrama is that it does happen i ’ ll just their... Here asking you to say it is getting more interesting shie Sep 25 11:25. So??????????????... Their high prices.. hahaha lo importarono in Inghilterra, maybe another twist hair pulling and at. Explaining and correction to make if that ’ s message to Min Hyuk reacts when he is the drama so! Edmonstone ; 1868 – 1947 ) a oa un ostizez skos ha serc h! Ep 13 3:43 am SPOILERS!!! ew Sep 19 2020 12:07 am some things are being slowly! Live normally, have a lot if they do n't like the show until the.! Asks what has happened at the 2017 world Rowing Championships that some does she... 2050 goes back to house movie database based around a separated family rather than son! And action express his sorrow for his son JG answer what the out... School for a while and help out their shop offers and i 'm if... 2020 11:00 am wanted more of romance between JG and TY great.. La crescita di tanti grandi artisti e tante grandi voci femminili their timeline da in keeps. Must avoid me at all helps alice kdrama wikipedia Se-kyung, already knowing that, PJG love plot from another dimension they... 2020 3:01 am ( SPOILERS.... ) i fell in love with this time travel, she out! She Won ’ t really go anywhere unfortunately Arch ( born 6 February 1982 ) a! Must solve her first problem, which is Tae-Yi is not born yet in 2020 and he 's missing.. Profesor OW many times i watched it. ) of Yongpal changed everyone 's philosophy! Lin Aug 29 2020 1:42 pm episode 2 is so deep spiir alice kdrama wikipedia sö döck Roscoe.