Because discus fish are somewhat picky when it comes to water conditions in the tank it is wise to select tank mates that have similar preferences so you can design the tank to suit the needs of your discus. Discus breeding pairs should be kept alone. Hi im getting a 400lt tank for discus and i want to know would this be a compatible setup. Midas Cichlids. This will help keep the aquarium water cleaner and your discus will be much happier for it. Discus can often be shy, but this can be helped by surrounding them with a couple of other fish (known as dither fish) that show them they are not in danger. The best way to find the right discus fish tank mates, we need to check the tank mates compatibility completely. Discus Fish Tank Mates, – Since there are so many types of Discus fish, there are also a lot of Discus fish tank mates that you can consider. If you ever have shy, skittish discus that always seem to hide, you might want to add a school of cardinal tetras to your aquarium. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Discus fish are the type of fish that are slow moving schooling fish. As far as tank mates go, a lot of smaller schooling tetras are quite colorful and active. Talking about the tank mates you can put, Cardinal Tetras fish are possibly the most proper option you have for Discus fish tank mates. Hatchet fish are fascinating species that Indian name from their unusual body shape. It has adapted well to life in captivity and will thrive in most aquarium setups. If have discussed the possible and allowed mates to be added as your Discus fish companions, it will better if you also know what types of fish that are not allowed to be added as your Discus fish tank mates. Take note, don’t make mistake with buying a wrong fish compatibility, Put wrong fish will give you 2 possibilities. On the other hand, there are fish that are peaceful tank mates for discus and can even survive the warm water, but they are messy and can easily disturb the water conditions of your aquarium. selective in choosing a discus tank mate. They feel much more secure and have less stress in large groups. Favourite answer. Mine just had chill personalities. You can put some fishes that are compatible tank mates with Discus include but not limited to Cory fish, Assassin snail, Apisto Agassizi, Cardinal tetras, Plecos, Rainbowfish, Beckford’s Pencil fish, Penguin tetras, and German Blue ram among others. Please Support Us with Share and Like! Fish like tiger barbs, danios or tinfoil barbs will damage your discus by nipping their fins and will make them very skittish. Bear in mind that you cannot also add any fin nipping and fast swimming fish. The angelfish are some of the most interesting-looking fish in the world. Parrot Cichlids. Cardinal tetras are suitable with warm and acidic water like discus. Make sure you supplement the ancistrus's diet with some quality algae wafers on a regular basis and add a small piece of driftwood in your tank to help them digest their food. If the other fish in the aquarium don't eat the discus eggs or wigglers, the discus parents usually will, to "protect" them. The larger type fish, in this case Discus fish, will notice that those smaller fishes feel safe in their new environment. 6 Super Red Discus Facts Have to Know Before Buying, Hello World! Can Angelfish Live With Discus? Discus Tank Mates: You can keep 6 Discus in a single aquarium but also mix up this peaceful fish with other peaceful species. Site Content. Unlike other cichlid species discus is a peaceful and good tempered one. Tank mates – Pick the best pals for your discus fish. But as they grow older, angelfish may bully the discus! The same reason with Corydoras Catfish, Sterbai Ancistrus will help you in keeping the tank clean since they like to consume unnecessary algae that are automatically formed in your tank. Besides, they will also tend to take control your entire tank and force your Discus fish to hide and feel being intimidated. Discus Tank Mates? Many smaller loaches can be fine as well, like the kuhli loach. Discus Tank Mates. Temperature:The higher-than-normal water temperature stimulates a fish’s metabolism, so it will eat more and grow to its full potential. Like most schooling fish, discus are shy when it comes to socializing with other fish. In this case, deciding the most suitable fish for your Discus fish tank mates can be crucial since it can affect your Discus lifespan. 12 rummynose tetras. Discus fish and their suitable tank mates. After that, avoid adding Angelfish since their aggression matter can endanger your Discus fish. 1 of 3 Go to page. Characins, the family containing many tetra species, share a similar … They are great tank mates because they inhibit different water. Thread starter shaz-killie; Start date Jan 12 , 2009; click to enter! All in all, these fish would make great tank mates for the dwarf gouramis due to their unique appearance and peaceful character towards other friendly fish. Discus fish belongs to a unique category of fishes so keeping them as pet, will not be easy as these are one of the most demanding fish species. The larger discus will also aggressively eat most of the food causing the smaller discus to go hungry, get weaker or sick. Copyright © 1998 - 2019 Gwynnbrook Farm. Now that we have discussed some ground rules. Corydoras catfish. The discus notice that these small fish seem secure in their environment. The Best tank mates for your Discus would be small, fast, and active fish that don’t have long fins, such a fish will surely provide your Discus a comfy environment and will enhance the beauty of your tank. For the last mentioned type, make sure you provide a hiding place in your tank in case you want to add them as your Discus tank mates. When you have to decide the proper tank mates for your Discus fish, there are only two things that you have to consider; The tank mates you can put and the tank mates you have to avoid from your Discus fish. 1; 2; 3; Next. Next Last. All rights reserved. Thank you! The best goldfish tank mates include: 1. The Amazon River basin biotopes change substantially during a year: when the rainy season comes in December the Amazon River floods. Sterbai. Stress for a discus could have more issues then just being skittish, it could develop medical issues and become sick. Ancistrus are also suitable tank mates for your discus. Angelfish is another fish that should not be kept with discus. Cardinal tetras are probably the best companion fish for your discus aquarium. Cardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon Axelrodi) Cardinal tetras are another kind of tetras that will fit well as … It’s not a predator and it doesn’t dig tank substrate like other cichlids. Dr.Gonzo; Oct 2, 2006; From what I know you might be able to get one in there with no other fish. All you have to do is a send a video of discus as described below. 5 discus. Maybe a betta in the future. Discus requires a little more care and husbandry than most bread-and-butter tropical fish. Corydoras catfish are good for aquarium maintenance. If Discus are not kept at desired temperature, then it could make your fish fall sick & could reduce their life span. Therefore, it is suggested for you to grow small Discus in a separated tank and wait for the right time to put them in the same tank with adult Discus. They are fun to watch. Corys don't like the higher temperatures. I’ve set a tank with a school of 8 Roseline sharks and Discus, and a while back I had seen these in a tank peacefully shared with angelfish. All you have to do is a send a video of discus as described below. They eat all the left up food which is good for aquarium. Other suitable tank mates for discus include: clown loaches(make sure they have a place to hide in the aquarium), German blue rams, rummy nose tetras, glowlight tetras and rosy tetras. Furthermore, only some fish owners who have known that this type of fish is also categorized as dither fish. First of all, a group of cardinal tetras are simply beautiful tropical fish. Site Content. Discus Tank Mates make up an essential part of your discus fish aquarium. discus are a very sensitive fish and therefore a pain in the *** to keep. Fish that come from the same warm Amazon waters are a great place to start, and shoaling Tetras can look amazing. This breed has a unique eel-like body with a head like that of a dragon. The larger discus will bully the younger fish causing them stress. The safe feeling from the dither fish will send a signal to your Discus fish that everything in their tank is safe. Cardinal tetras are beautiful and fun to watch. The likes of Tinfoil Barbs, Danios, or Tiger Barbs will eventually endanger the Discus by nipping their fins, making them look so skittish. Discus Fish Tank Mates, – Since there are so many types of Discus fish, there are also a lot of Discus fish tank mates that you can consider. Live Arrival Guarantee Policy. Tropical showers and ice water from highlands increase water stage in the streamway. Many people recommend freshwater angelfish as tank mates for discus fish.