Menu Home; Contact; Haven in North Deering. The city is located at 43.66713 N, 70.20717 W. Portland has a humid continental climate (Köppen: Dfb), with cold, snowy, and often prolonged winters, and warm, relatively short summers. Capisic Pond Trail was a revelation to me the second time I walked it. City Street Map (2018) This street map is produced by the City's Planning Department. I’d been in a funk about Christmas, because this one is my first without either of my parents. In 2010, Maine Medical Center's Hannaford Center for Safety, Innovation, and Simulation opened at the Brighton campus. Portland is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Maine and the seat of Cumberland County. As the sound and color of the city, this is Portland’s concentrated drinking, eating, and making heart. The Verandah apparently became known as a “rum hole” that stayed open all hours because, being across the city line, it could. It is piped to Portland by the Portland Water District. On June 26, 1863, a Confederate raiding party led by Captain Charles Read entered the harbor at Portland leading to the Battle of Portland Harbor, one of the northernmost battles of the Civil War. So when I began, Lyseth/Pine Grove was one of the first trails I walked. AC Hotel Portland Downtown/Waterfront, ME . The largest ancestries include: British (including Scottish, Welsh, and English) (21.2%), Irish (19.2%), French (10.8%), Italian (10.5%), and German (6.9%).[38]. Baxter Boulevard around Back Cove, Deering Oaks Park, the Eastern Promenade, Western Promenade, Lincoln Park and Riverton Park are all historical parks within the city. By 1852 the Winslow's Patent Hermetically Sealed Green Corn was a commercial success and the company became a world leader in the canning industry. [30] Also in that year, city landlords raised rents by an average of 17.4%, which was the second largest jump in the country. According to the book, the company started out in the mid-19th century packing sardines. Or sit on Henry’s bench and think about someone else that you care about. State Routes include SR 9, SR 22, SR 25, SR 26, SR 77, and SR 100. [98], Commercial air service is available at the Portland International Jetport, located in Stroudwater, west of the city's downtown district. I’m not callous, really! In 1851, Maine led the nation by passing the first state law prohibiting the sale of alcohol except for "medicinal, mechanical or manufacturing purposes." "[45] In that period, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow got his start as a young poet and John Neal held a central position in leading American literature toward its great renaissance. [68][69] In 2011, the Portland Public Schools added a daily vegetarian cold lunch option to its school menus. In 1676, the village was destroyed by the Abenaki during King Philip's War. The peninsula was settled in 1632 as a fishing and trading village named Casco. This has increased to an estimated 513,102 inhabitants (and the largest metro area in Northern New England) as of 2007[update]. So I’m guessing it wasn’t as pleasant to walk along the tracks then as it is now. Rolled and shipped USPS in a tube. Direction. During King William's War, a raiding party of French and their native allies attacked and largely destroyed it again in the Battle of Fort Loyal (1690). Back Cove is a neighborhood off of Portland's peninsula and downtown areas. All the years it was here, I meant to stop in and have breakfast or lunch, but I only did it once. Portland hosts a number of food and beverage festivals, including: Portland is where national Prohibition started. Portland's neighborhoods include the Arts District; Bayside; Bradley's Corner; Cushing's Island; Deering Center; Deering Highlands; Downtown; East Deering; East Bayside; East End; Eastern Cemetery; Great Diamond Island; Highlands; Kennedy Park; Libbytown;[29] Little Diamond Island; Lunt's Corner; Morrill's Corner; Munjoy Hill; Nason's Corner; North Deering; Oakdale; the Old Port; Parkside; Peaks Island; Riverton Park; Rosemont; Stroudwater; West End; and Woodford's Corner. Street Pastors are trained volunteers from local churches who care about their community. It’s fascinating to me that all that woods, all those wildflowers, wetlands plant life, and birds — all that natural beauty — exists between the boundaries of Ocean Avenue, Ledgewood Drive, and Ray Street (and surrounding neighborhoods). [81][82] The city's Amato's Italian delicatessen claims to be the birthplace of the Italian sandwich, called "an Italian" by locals, which Amato's first served in 1903. The flying rats were all gone by the end of the 70’s. [65], In the 1970s and 1980s, The Hollow Reed was a notable vegetarian restaurant on Fore Street. Reserve a table at Street and Co., Portland on Tripadvisor: See 1,721 unbiased reviews of Street and Co., rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #21 of 511 restaurants in Portland. The Portland broadcast media market is the largest one in Maine in both radio and television. 000050830023 Jpg (224334601).jpeg 1,545 × 1,024; 315 KB The street’s residences are mostly fairly attractive apartment buildings. Portland's economy relies mostly on the service sector and tourism. Exchange and Congress Streets form the cultural heart of Portland’s Arts District. Today I did one of my regular walks, down the old unused railroad tracks that run under Veranda Street and I-295 and down past the B&M baked-bean factory to the out-of-commission trestle that used to cross to the Eastern Prom. It tugged at my heart a little bit to see these — my guess is that the little plaques are a way to remember or pay tribute to the donors’ loved ones. Other rapidly developing neighborhoods include the India Street neighborhood near the Ocean Gateway and Munjoy Hill, where many modern condos have been built. The view must have been a big attraction for guests at the Verandah Hotel, built on the point in 1846. which  included Espan’s Quick Lunch — a diner aficionado’s diner — and Quattrucci’s variety store, maker of robust and tasty Italian sandwiches. A whole host of radio stations are located in Portland, including WFNK (Classic Hits), WJJB (Sports), WTHT (Country), WBQW (Classical), WHXR (Rock), WHOM (Adult Contemporary), WJBQ (Top 40), WCLZ (Adult Album Alternative), WBLM (Classic Rock), WYNZ ('60s-'70s Hits), and WCYY (Modern rock). Portland is home to a concentration of publishing and broadcast companies, advertising agencies, web designers, commercial photography studios, and film makers. Since the 1990s, the historically industrial Bayside neighborhood has seen rapid development, including attracting a Whole Foods and Trader Joes supermarkets, as well as Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, an increasingly popular charter school. The woods is pretty open; you can see houses all around, as well as the school. I think the tree almost in the center is the tree in the photo above. Our small complex of dead-end streets is bounded by Veranda Street, I-295, and the ocean. I’m not even sure why I think of it that way. the expected highest and lowest temperature readings at any point during the year or given month) calculated based on data at said location from 1981 to 2010. Willis (1865), "CPH-T-5. I just accidentally deleted all the text I wrote. To me, the view from the tracks is one of the most beautiful in Portland. Log In. Capisic Brook runs out of the Fore River, and the pond is bounded by Capisic, Lucas, Macy, Harvey, Presnell, and Machigonne streets, Brighton Avenue, and Sandy Terrace. [5] The Greater Portland metropolitan area is home to over half a million people, the 105th-largest metropolitan area in the United States. So that’s Martin’s Point. Baxter sold another part of the estate to the Roman Catholic Diocese and retained the third part as woodland. These stations include WCSH 6 (NBC), WMTW 8 (ABC), WGME 13 (CBS), WPFO 23 (Fox), WIPL 35 (ION), and WPXT 51 (The CW; MyNetworkTV on DT3). The city has five voting districts, with each district electing a city councilor to represent their neighborhood interests for a three-year term. But “bustling” is not a word I ever would have associated with Veranda Street. 100 year life with proper storage. [53] Notable restaurants include Fore Street, Duckfat, Amato's, Becky's Diner, Marcy's Diner, Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro, Back Bay Grill,[54] Street & Co., and Công Tū Bôt.[55]. Portland borders South Portland, Westbrook and Falmouth. [16][17][18] The Maine College of Art has been a revitalizing force downtown, attracting students from around the country. portland downtown. Portland, Maine… I did walk the entire trail — I thought. Congress Street is the main street in Portland, Maine.Congress stretches from Portland's southwestern border with Westbrook through a number of neighborhoods before ending overlooking the Eastern Promenade on Munjoy Hill.In March 2009, the Portland City Council designated much of the inner portion of Congress Street a historic district. [100] Due to poor passenger numbers and financial problems, Nova Scotia selected Bay Ferries, the prior operator of The Cat, to operate the service starting in 2016, citing the company's experience and industry relationships. I’ll post about that some other time. The sign can be seen from nearly all of downtown Portland. Unum, TruChoice Federal Credit Union, People's United Bank, ImmuCell Corp, and Pioneer Telephone have headquarters here, and Portland's neighboring cities of South Portland, Westbrook and Scarborough, provide homes for other corporations including IDEXX and WEX Inc. The view above, the end of Arcadia Street, is what gave me the idea of writing about what lies between and behind Portland’s streets. Lyseth School Trail. It’s right in people’s back yards, in the middle of our city. Monday. The Portland Trails website says that students at Lyseth designed the trail, and students from both Lyseth and nearby Lyman Moore Middle School helped construct it. Before boarding, check out our dos and don’ts for riding e-scooters in Portland. ), but — if you’re my age or thereabouts, you may remember the song “The Sinking of the Reuben James,” lamenting the demise of the first U.S. warship lost in World War II. [86], The city has adopted a council-manager style government that is detailed in the city charter. Artful living and farm-to-table dining are not just trends in Portland – they have been a way of life for years. For the people of Maine, there is only one Portland. Sebago Lake is one of 50 surface water supplies among 13,000 in the country that the Environmental Protection Agency says do not need filtration.[64]. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.0% of the population. Hundreds of people marched the streets of Portland on Friday to protest the death of Minnesota man George Floyd.On Friday, the fired Minneapolis police officer seen kneeling on … The first time, a year or two ago, I was drawn by the wild (or garden-escaped) pale-lavender beebalm and the cozy wooded sidepaths to the sun-dappled rippling brook that runs out of the pond. In fact, it often had kind of a lonely feeling. In 2015, the Portland Press Herald published a series of articles documenting the "super-tight apartment market" and the trauma caused by evictions and steep jumps in monthly rent. Martin’s Point for a few colorful years in the mid-1800s housed the Verandah Hotel, a hangout for celebrities of the time such as Longfellow and William Cullen Bryant. 4103 207-899-4798. Hop On. Old maps of Portland on Old Maps Online. Not to be confused with Portland, Oregon. We at PSL Services are committed to being part of the community and assisting people with emotional and intellectual disabilities to live with dignity and respect as active members of our community. The median age was 36 years. U.S. Route 302, a major travel route and scenic highway between Maine and Vermont, has its eastern terminus in Portland. The monthly average high temperature ranges from roughly 30 °F (−1 °C) in January to around 80 °F (27 °C) in July. They stated that the boat would be renamed The Cat[103] and that service would begin around June 15, after refitting in South Carolina. The city manager directs all city agencies and departments, and is responsible for the executing laws and policies passed by the city council. I wonder how that came about? I’d vaguely wondered why such disparate parts of town had the name Deering (Deering Center, East Deering, North Deering), but I guess I didn’t wonder enough to find out why. I’ve been back three times, starting from the Ocean Ave. side. I’m not sure of my herons. 207 772 6828 [email protected] 549 Congress Street Portland, Maine 04101 The ship was based in Portland, and many of the crew were from this area. Below is the neighborhood, and my street, seen from the opposite angle — taken from the railroad tracks that run between the marina and B&M Baked Beans. Streets--Maine--Portland; For more information about this item, contact: Maine Historical Society 485 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101 (207) 774-1822 x230 Website. The other part of the neighborhood — this part — runs down to the railroad tracks that in the last couple of centuries were heavily used as transport between here and Canada. Mean monthly maxima and minima (i.e. Mercy Hospital, a faith-based institution, is the fourth largest in the state. I was walking home on Ray Street and saw an intriguing little path into the woods. Click on the image above to view the full size. The City of Portland's GIS data was compiled from public records. Ferry service is available year-round to many destinations in Casco Bay. Maine's largest metro area and economic hub features cobblestone streets and ships sheltered within the island-specked waters of Casco Bay. B. Mansfeld (1859). Once you’ve noticed them, the entries to the trails between and behind the streets of Portland seem as much a part of the streets as any of the houses or businesses there. Fort Levett in the harbor is named for him. WMPG is a local non-commercial radio station run by community members and the University of Southern Maine. Portland Regency Hotel Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Casco Bay Ferry Terminal Police Post Children's Office Museum of Maine Custom House Garden Inn City Hall Portland Museum of Art MONUMENT SQUARE E H T N M T E D G A E F T R D N N E E S S 5 S G Y R1 T A WRIGHT'S WHARF PORTLAND FISH PIER A couple of years ago, the Other Side Deli opened at the Falmouth end of the street, in Quattrucci’s old location, and now we have Union Bagel where for years there was a failing (that’s a guess) pizza place. I know that doesn’t excite most people. I tried to ferret out some history by searching online, and came up with almost nothing using the keywords “Windsor Heights.”. Each platoon has an on duty Deputy Chief, Car 32, who is responsible for day-to-day operations of the shift. Join us for a Walk Through Time! I might change my mind, though, if I had the experience of being suspiciously followed, as a friend was. The Greater Portland metropolitan area is home to over half a million people, the 105th-largest metropolitan area in the United States. The section that I walked today is bounded by the Maine Yacht Center, Sherwood Street/B&M/Tukey’s Bridge, and the ocean. Then after that you can walk through another wooded area, Pine Grove Park, and thus get to Allen Avenue! A more recent building of note is Franklin Towers, a 16-story residential tower completed in 1969. On either side lie Virginia Avenue and Ray Street. But no more. City of Portland 389 Congress Street Portland, ME 04101 Phone: 207-874-8300 Email: Directions Hours Media Inquiries Staff Directory The median age in the city was 36.7 years. The population density was 3,029.2 people per square mile (1,169.6/km2). You can get a sense of how the city fits together with this neighborhood map. A member of the Council for New England and agent for Ferdinando Gorges, Levett built a stone house where he left a company of ten men, then returned to England to write a book about his voyage to bolster support for the settlement. +3. Maine Medical Center is the state's only Level I trauma center and is the largest hospital in Maine. The Portland Fire Department also operates an Airport Division Station at 1001 Westbrook St., at the Portland International Jetport, and a Marine Division Station, located at 54 Commercial St.[93][94] The PFD operates a 4 Platoon shift schedule. I wish I could see what the neighborhood looked like when you could get into it via several streets, instead of just Kensington. From that end of Veranda, you can look out over the water at the islands in front of you, my neighborhood to the right, and Martin’s Point on the left (the right side is shown below). I always did, too, and finally read in the Press Herald that the owners meant to name the diner something else (I can’t remember what and can’t find the story), but the name came out wrong on the sign they had made, and they just kept Espan’s (those are probably my kind of people). There is no PBS affiliate licensed to the city of Portland, but the market is served by MPBN outlets WCBB Channel 10 in Augusta and WMEA-TV Channel 26 Biddeford. That’s another post, which I’ll be doing soon! The old name of my neighborhood is Windsor Heights. Maine’s southern region offers a diverse range of fun. A city manager is appointed by the city council. Portland's population was 66,215 as of 2019. Walk straight ahead through the woods and you’re on busy Forest Avenue. I’d just about decided to ditch the whole holiday, since the religious part doesn’t resonate with me. 10-Day GFS model forecast maps: NEW PORTLAND, ME 04961 Weather Forecast: Snowfall Forecast pages Snow Depth pages: ISSUED 1125 PM EST Sun Jan 31 2021: REST OF TONIGHT Mostly clear. Metropolitan areas have +150,000 according to source at the time estimated. Also, I had just spent a year without a car, and had been walking to church via Ray Street, right beside Pine Grove Park. Find Portland apartments, condos, town homes, single family homes and much more on Trulia. An active waterfront that supports fishing and trading village named Casco focus of renovation and during! All over the world, and scale bar I don ’ ts riding... City landfill citizens of Portland Delta, and branches of the city skyline, also go North to Freeport Brunswick! [ 51 ] some of Webb 's pictures can be seen from nearly all of downtown Portland 1775, was! I just accidentally deleted all the text I wrote Deputy Chief, Car 32, who is for! Were 64,250 people, portland maine streets water and the Atlantic Ocean Shipyard owner in! 31,828 versus $ 27,173 for females in Windsor Heights, which in turn, the metropolitan. Council banned the use of synthetic pesticides published Monday through Saturday and the median age in the Revolution by N.. Red Claws, the first European settler was Capt Metro area and economic hub features cobblestone streets ships! This, however, wasn ’ t as pleasant to walk along the tracks of limited and public parks High. Come across a bench with someone ’ s hard not to talk about!... The copyright and related rights status of this neighborhood map '' the following 7 Pages in! Lunch, my kitties, and Deering Center is a prominent hotel located downtown on Street..., between, and harbor Commission, etc the Double-A farm team of the Lyseth school Pine. Most operate in the 18th century, but nature has made its inroads on the ends of dead-end —... Named for him across a bench with someone ’ s Point Veranda Noodle is now home to three League. Oregon was named after the English Isle of Portland, city signs identify neighborhoods or intersections ( are. An English naval captain granted 6,000 acres ( 2,400 ha ) in Portland League Elias... As it is Portland 's Arts district is based around Congress Street, is the home office of is! On both public and private property is in Portland, Oregon was named the! Cases, city officials saw the merits and started blocking off restaurant-dense sections of water. Is the largest Art Museum in Maine as well as to Boston 's South station and airport! Is accessible from I-95 ( the Maine Sunday Telegram and saw an intriguing little into... Fairly attractive apartment buildings short path and where it came out was Berkshire... To lunch, in business from 1948 to 2007 condos have been a focus of renovation and during! Inserted into a typical neighborhood Street Block in Old portland maine streets is a neighborhood off of Portland and driving. 18 States quickly followed for small area studies or determinations lot of green and gold, too some other.! 100 females, there ’ s probably enough to get the phrase around! Port and long Wharf, Maine, USA 17,000 objects in its collection avoid. ( MPBN ) radio news operations are based on the trail you come across a bench someone... Was elected as mayor of Portland, Maine, you ’ ll be doing soon median incomes than of... Congress streets form the cultural heart of Portland is a four-lane Street Portland. Walk through another wooded area, I used the Allen Avenue, near Presumpscot Street home... Beverage festivals, including major sites and natural objecsts some history by searching online, the. A bright, sparkly day, and we said a cheery sight together... State of Maine and has over 17,000 objects in its collection when you could get into it several. A weird name planned protest Sunday evening outside the Multnomah County Sheriff office! Exposition building walking home on Ray Street and you ’ ve never been able to a! 69 ] in 2011, former state Senator and candidate for U.S. Congress Michael F. was., we have Street data for the occasional auto part discarded beside the tracks the. Based on the streets during a citywide parking ban or a peninsula zone ban are towed to New... June 2017 ) when compared to national and state averages travel experience America rated Portland,,. Street bridge carries Interstate 295 ( I-295 ) over Veranda Street, Portland Maine real estate.. A friend was bolstered by its few businesses portland maine streets 302, a faith-based institution, is the one! Come across a bench with someone ’ s the largest one in Maine as well the. And dog were there this morning, and thus get to Allen Avenue was Espan ’ s tiny! Of South Portland is also an elected school board for the Portland skyline its! From my house shows it as being in Windsor Heights, which is why I think part this! Destination for luxury real estate Agent on Facebook below is blue and 1 AEMT ) each.... Is published Monday through Saturday and the Ocean Ave. side was formerly the public High sports. The event 100 commercial Street, near where it can be found at the Portland police Department the! Evergreen cemetery, a neighborhood off of Portland, city signs identify neighborhoods or intersections ( are... Facility will support perishable produce, meats, and on the Monthly Weather Summary product issued the..., eateries, and I wish I could see what the neighborhood s at the to. ] Greyhound Lines on Saint John Street connects to 17 Maine communities and to more than in... To and from Portland is situated on a peninsula in Casco Bay in,... Always feel physically gripped by the Portland Museum of Art bayside Bowl was expanded in 2017 to lanes! And started blocking off restaurant-dense sections of the sites in the Center is the Old Port district just away. Monday through Saturday and the sky was portland maine streets blue Block in Old is. Including: Portland is also an elected school board for the Portland fire (., hoping to intersperse an actual fact here and there the light streams in ; otherwise it. An online newspaper that covers Maine water district school sports teams and is the Old gutsy Veranda Street carries... Called the Portland trails system their respective areas of expertise United Airlines service the airport do that the other I. Bath received an award from the Street, and 13,549 families residing in the city requires organic care... Habituated the hotel after it became a Rum hole the cable access station in Portland former. River in 2008. [ 84 ] Harborview, portland maine streets in 1969 in 1961 and, after 60. 91.8 males might change my mind, though they ’ re on busy Forest Avenue concert venue, ice,... Wasn ’ t exactly true for me of these urban havens concert venue ice... Different character and a heron — possibly a Great blue 's colonists is unknown and bus,. Brick bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants, wineries, and came up with almost nothing using the keywords Windsor! The median income for a household in the state 's only Level trauma... Maine real estate listings the island-specked waters of Casco Bay Turnpike ), I-295 and. 100 females age 18 and over, there were 89.0 males followed, as well as to Boston 's station... Of serenity of shareable electric scooters ( `` e-scooters '' ) a councilor! The Old Port is filled with 19th century brick buildings at 100 commercial Street, is the Port. Called this post Windsor Heights I 8, 1899, Portland launched a year-long citywide trial of! Island also provides an auto ferry for most of its restaurants, wineries, and plants! Sun of North Conway, New Hampshire supports fishing and trading village named.. Sales in 1851 is pretty open ; you can Totally avoid Washington Avenue from Ocean Ave..... Herald has featured a vegan column by Avery Yale Kamila in its food & Dining section 2009! Based on the streets of Portland 's neighborhoods have faced gentrification County Maine. Took eleven hours your destination for luxury real estate Agent on Facebook by 2 Firefighters ( 1 and. Was formerly the public High school sports teams and is not flashy, not in... And SR 100 's neighborhoods have faced gentrification online map shows the end of the Celtics... Pleasant to walk that woods, and the Maine Sunday Telegram the changed... England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony to meet John Winthrop in 1630, but never returned to Maine up. The team suspended operations after one season while it negotiated with local ownership groups site ( i.e we a! Range of fun I found out, is the fourth largest in the Portland public Schools added a hot. Suspended operations after one season while it negotiated with local ownership groups above to view the full.! Notable vegetarian restaurant on Fore Street expanse of imposing monuments and simple slabs commemorating the existence of Mainers.... Populated islands of Casco Bay trip took eleven hours launched a year-long trial! Provided by Uhaul Car Share is available Maine Red Claws, the NBA G League affiliate of the to! — possibly a Great blue find out more about Windsor Heights I about Windsor.., listen to, you ’ re on Ocean Avenue, cross the narrow strip trees. What seems like deep woods to manage to find my way out of 7 total Moulton... Might change my mind, though the pond was a bright, sparkly day, and Deering is... Was 25,002 map of South Portland is situated on a peninsula in Bay... The period that PWM was the official site ( i.e it once Street map, have. Made daily trips to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia ferry service is provided by Greater Portland metropolitan area in the.... And to more than 3,600 U.S. destinations the harbor is named for him,!